• Brilliant Gin - December 2016

    Brilliant Gin was our December 2016 'Gin of the Month', a London Dry Gin designed to be smooth yet striking.

    Brilliant Gin is fashioned for the adventurous souls who require a dash of distinctiveness when they drink.





    Crisp, flavoursome and refined, it’s delicious neat yet still delectable whether it’s shaken, stirred or paired with a quality tonic.


    brilliant-coriander English Coriander

    Brilliant Gin is distilled using Juniper, English Coriander, Angelica, Savory, Lemon Peel, Bitter Orange, Grains of Paradise, Cloves, Cinnamon and Sage.

    The team at The Really Brilliant Company, Brilliant's producers are proud to be using locally grown ingredients particularly English grown Coriander.

    Brilliant Gin was created by Gin loving Husband & Wife team Graham and Gail who wanted to develop a Gin that stood up for itself.

    They wanted it to be independent yet smooth if drunk on it's own.

    Brilliant Gin is a fantastic choice for a festive tipple, if you fancy a decadent Champagne Cocktail to get things started on Christmas Day or if you have friends over this is an absolute stunner!


    Gloriously Brilliant Champagne Cocktail

    Place a handful of ice in mixer, large measure of Brilliant Gin, a glug of Cointreau and lemon juice, shake well and strain into a highball glass.

    Carefully top up with Champagne to avoid fizzing.


    Fancy a Brilliant twist on some old favourites? This adaptable Gin lends itself to a variety of serves;

    Bloody Brilliant

    Your own Bloody Mary, replacing vodka with Gin. Place a large handful of ice in a highball glass, add the ingredients, mix well and season to taste.


    1 x Measure Brilliant Gin

    2 x Measures Tomato Juice

    Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

    Squeeze of Lime Juice

    Sprinkle of Celery Salt

    Glug of Hot Pepper Sauce

    Celery stalk for garnish



    Totally Brilliant

    A Dry Martini that lets the gin do all the talking.

    Place a handful of ice in mixer, add the ingredients, shake vigorously and strain immediately into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an olive or lemon twist.

    Large measure of Brilliant Gin

    Dash of Dry vermouth


     Grab yourself a bottle of Brilliant via our online store;

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