• Griffiths Gin No. 2 - October 2018 Juniper Club Gin of the Month

    October 2018 welcomes Griffiths Brothers No. 2 Gin as our Juniper Club Gin of the Month. A World Spirits Competition Gold Medal Winner for 2018. 

    From their distillery in Buckinghamshire the Griffiths Brothers use cold distillation to produce two fantastic Gins, their No. 2 Gin featuring this month is the export strength version. 

    Soft juniper and grapefruit give way to a herbaceous edge with warm spice and a pleasing vanilla note at the end. For G&T best served with Fever Tree Indian tonic water with a slice of grapefruit peel or a wedge of lime.

    Botanicals include Juniper Berries, Cubeb Berries, Coriander Seeds, Orris Root, Rose Petal, Vanilla, Fennel, Grapefruit zest, Lime zest, Rosemary and Allspice. 

    Is it worth a try? Certainly something that should be on your gin shelf, grab a bottle soon!!


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