• Gutsy Monkey - April 2017

    Introducing Gutsy Monkey from Dorking's first distillery, The Gin Kitchen.

    We have brought Gutsy Monkey to our members as April's Gin of the Month as we firmly wave goodbye to Winter but still have the odd chill in the air.

    This cheeky monkey is sure to become very popular very quickly so we are delighted to bring him on board exclusively for our members and in our store as the first online UK stockist.

    Distilled in a copper still lovingly name Dinky Dragondale by the team of Helen and Kate behind the Gutsy Monkey.

    Dinky Dragondale, our traditional alembic pot still.

    Gutsy Monkey goes cloudy when diluted with tonic water or when cooled down with ice, this is because the essential oils from the fresh ingredients are only soluble in high strengths of alcohol.

    Gutsy Monkey is kept 48% vol. to maintain the vibrant flavour profile, the cloudiness could be removed by reducing the fresh ingredients or by chill-filtering the gin, but these approaches also remove the flavours and the wanted to keep Gutsy packed full of taste, and also liked the white wintry look.

    Serve your Gutsy Monkey with ice, Peter Spanton's No. 1 London Tonic and a curl of lime peel plus a halved Blueberry.

    A Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin with tonic.


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