• Lind & Lime Gin - December 2018 Juniper Club Gin of the Month

    When we first saw the striking Lind & Lime bottles, we knew we had to stock this gin. We were also drawn to the historical links to the Port of Leith and Dr James Lind’s discovery that eating citrus fruit prevents scurvy. Ever since we sent Lind & Lime out to our subscription members in December 2018, it’s been flying off the shelves.

    The whole concept for this gin is inspired from the talent, heritage and industry of the historic distilling district of Leith.  The Gin is named after Dr James Lind of Edinburgh, a surgeon on HMS Salisbury who in 1747 undertook one of the first ever clinical trials which played a significant part in the prevention of scurvy. Little was known about the disease at this time, so Lind’s observation that sailors on the ship with scurvy who ate citrus fruits showed the “most sudden and visible good effects” was important. Partly as a result of these findings, by the end of the 18th century, the Royal Navy was supplying its ships with citrus fruits leading to a significant improvement in the health of its sailors.

    The bottle too is a tribute to Leith’s past as the gateway to Scotland’s capital city and a trading centre since the 14th century. One of the most valuable commodities to pass through the harbour was alcohol (originally wine and then later brandy, sherry and port). By the 18th century, whisky was being exported. As wines and spirits were shipped in barrels and then bottled on arrival, there was a great demand for glass bottles in the area.   It is this industrial heritage that has inspired the wine bottle shape for Lind & Lime Gin. The words ‘Leith Glass Works’ are embossed on the bottom of the bottle, a name that will feature on all the Port of Leith Distillery spirit bottles.

    The Gin itself is distilled using 7 botanicals including lime, pink peppercorns and of course juniper berries. It has a crisp, fresh aroma, backed up by a hint of spice. This is a beautifully smooth Gin with simple yet subtle flavours.

    Serve with Fever Tree Indian Tonic, and of course fresh lime and a couple of pink peppercorns (whole, not crushed)

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