• Mackintosh Gin - February 2019 Juniper Club Gin of the Month

    We’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Mackintosh Gin and were delighted to be able to offer it as our February 2019 Gin of the Month to our subscription members.

    Distilled and bottled in Angus “the birth place” of Scotland in batches of less than 300, Mackintosh Gin is truly a family affair.  The Mackintosh family - husband and wife James and Deborah and daughters Steph, Char and Alex. It all started as an off the cuff comment about making their own Gin whilst at the Wee G&T Festival in Perth in 2016. Two years later, the first batch of Mackintosh Gin was a reality on on sale to the public.

    The inspiration for the branding was taken from the ‘lover’s knot’, a symbol carved into a 9th century Pictish Stone in Meigle not far from the Mackintosh family home.

    Mackintosh Gin is distilled using nine botanicals sourced from all over the world with the Juniper and Citrus coming from Spain, the Coriander and Angelica from Eastern Europe and Elderflower from Angus.   The addition of cinnamon and ginger adds a sweet warmth.

    This is a beautifully smooth, juniper led Gin. It has citrus and spice flavours yet remains sweet and refreshing.

    The Mackintosh family deliberately haven’t specified a perfect serve.  They want us to enjoy the gin the way we like it. We have enjoyed it with Elderflower, Indian and Mediterranean tonic. Even the Mackintosh family themselves are divided on their favourite garnish with votes for lemon, lime and pink grapefruit.

    Our Juniper Club team tested it with Fever Tree Indian Tonic, Pink Grapefruit and a couple of Juniper Berries and it was fantastic! 

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