• St. Giles Gin - December 2017

    St. Giles Gin from Norwich is The Juniper Club December 2017 Gin of the Month.

    St. Giles is an area in London that was synonymous with gin shops in the 18th century and it also happens to be a historic road in the fine city of Norwich, home of St. Giles Gin.

    Simon Melton, founder of St. Giles Gin has extensively travelled the world enjoying a variety of gins, this research led to the development of the gin on his return to Norfolk. Along with his wife Alison they have painstakingly researched and planned this new Gin for 2017.

    Botanicals used to create St Giles Gin include lemongrass, black pepper, rose petals, pink peppercorns and grains of paradise.

     A trio of mystery botanicals make up the distillation and remain the family secret! Their copper still Anna, does the hard work and produces the final distillation based on a grain spirit. 

    St. Giles Gin works well neat as a sipping gin but also pairs brilliantly with a premium tonic and pink peppercorns as The Juniper Club team found out in their research!

    St Giles is also the perfect gin for a Negroni, not tried one? Give this serve a try;

    Add 25ml each of St Giles Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth Rosso to a short glass filled with plenty of ice, and top with an orange slice.


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