• Is Gin Gluten Free?

    We often get asked which gins are gluten-free?  

    The simple answer is that all distilled spirits - including gin - are gluten-free. Coeliac UK maintain that when a cereal that contains gluten is used as an ingredient, the distillation process used to make gin removes any trace of gluten and therefore gin is safe for people with Coeliac Disease.

    Gin is also low in FODMAPs  - the carbohydrates associated with contributing to IBS symptoms - and often safe for those with IBS to consume. A word of warning though - watch out for sneaky FODMAPs in the tonic water you add.  You may discover that you are more comfortable drinking a diet variety rather than a regular one (as the sugar in this may feed the bacteria).

    So, good news for gluten-free gin lovers.  However, a word of caution, as sadly, the answer is not this straightforward for everyone.  Whilst many people are fine, others still suffer and are advised to only drink alcoholic beverages that are not derived from gluten grains. So, why is there a disconnect between the expert opinion and on the ground experience?

    One suggestion is that the distillation process may not remove every last bit of gluten. Despite the process being repeated multiple times to remove impurities from the final product, it is possible that some smaller fragments of the gluten protein could remain in the final product. Gluten is a large molecule that can be broken into smaller molecules. There is a thought that those who are really sensitive to gluten may still react to these smaller molecules of gluten.

    As a final thought, whilst Gin is safe for most people, it is important to remember that alcohol is a gut irritant which means it could be a trigger for discomfort.  We hope that you are able to find a G&T that works for you....
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