• Military Strength - 5 MUST TRY Navy Gins

    Traditionally Navy Strength Gin refers to an ABV of 57% or above, or 114% proof, a high enough alcohol content where Gunpowder would remain lit if sparked into the Gin. Sailors used this test to make sure they were getting gin of high enough 'quality'.

    New to the market is Wrecking Coast Distillery's Scurvy Gin, keeping it's seafaring link in the name referring to the Vitamin C deficient disease prevalent amongst sailors of old. 




    St. Giles Gin from Norfolk produce a Diver's Edition, a smooth blend of international botanicals including cubeb berries and local Norfolk Samphire, great over ice neat but equally good with tonic and pink grapefruit!




    Scotland's Orkney Island showcases Arkh-Angell Storm Strength Gin, paying homage to generations of sea faring Orcadians and using Norweigan angelica grown locally within the gin.


    A play on words introduces Yorkshire Dales Distillery and their Desert Ram Army Strength Gin, quadruple distilled with North African and Middle Eastern botanicals.


    Trevethan's Chauffeur's Reserve Gin is a true Cornish legend, a high profile gin with increased strength and character to match. Smooth and elegant. 


    The Juniper Club is an online Craft Gin Superstore with shipping available all over the UK, as well as a physical Gin Superstore in Cornwall - your one stop shop for fantastic Cornish Gin!
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