• Monmouth Gin - July 2019 Juniper Club Gin of the Month

    Monmouth Gin is a traditional London dry style of gin with hints of citrus that come from the barberries, lemon peel and lime leaves. As a rural county, Monmouth has many flora filled hedgerows bordering the gently rolling fields in its undulating valleys and pastures. We were inspired to create our recipe after seeing some of the ingredients that would later go into our recipe growing naturally as we explored the area on family walks through the countryside. We believe that the citrus gives the gin a lighter feel and tangier taste that complements the traditional gin flavour.

    We are located on the Treowen Estate in the heart of rural countryside a few miles from the small county town of Monmouth. The town sits on a confluence between the Monnow and Wye rivers close to the border between Wales and England. It was first recognised as a settlement during Roman times.

    The medieval stone gatehouse that features on our logo is situated on the stone bridge that crosses the river Monnow where the town gets its name and is the only surviving example in Britain today.

    The botanicals that feature in Monmouth Gin are inspired by naturally growing flora that are commonly found within the county.

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