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  • Black Tomato Gin

    Black Tomato Gin is distilled at the Kampen Distillery in Zeeland, Holland.

    Black Tomato Gin is one we have wanted to try for a while now and have been intrigued by the bottle with it's matt black coating and distinctive tomato logo.

    We honestly were not sure what the colour of the emerging liquid was going to be and in some way this added to the charm and the mystery!

    The Black Tomatoes used in the gin are grown in Southern Sicily, producing well flavoured fruits that are combined with salt water in distillation. 

    We served Black Tomato Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, a sprinkling of Black Peppercorns and a sprig of fresh rosemary. 

    There is an initial subtle tomato and rosemary (garnish) aroma and on tasting this gives way to Juniper and a sweet but warm taste - perhaps due to the mediterranean tonic. A highly recommended G&T that was hard to put down!

    Black Tomato Gin is available in 50cl and 5cl bottles, certainly one that should be added to the must try list and a surprise excellent G&T after considering tasting it for so long!

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