• Elephant G&T

    Grab an Elephant sized G&T, a generous pour of Elephant Gin - topped with Ledger's Tonic Water & Tangerine over ice and garnished with a slice of fresh red apple, a few Juniper Berries and a lime wedge.


  • Gutsy Monkey & Tonic

    The ideal serve for a Gutsy Monkey gin and tonic is a twist of lime and a halved blueberry. Peter Spanton's No 1 London Tonic is perfect. You'll notice that Gutsy Monkey goes cloudy when the tonic or ice is added. This is because of all the essential oils from the fresh ingredients.

    A favourite of many Gutsy Monkey is a must try for any serious gin fan! 

  • Nordes Atlantic Gin G&T

    Add a pour of Nordes Atlantic Gin over ice, top with 1724 tonic, garnish with sliced firm grapes and a swirl of fresh lime peel. A true mediterranean taste.


  • Utterly Brilliant Tom Collins

    The Utterly Brilliant Tom Collins is a simple but delicious blend of lime, sugar and Brilliant Gin. Mix a large measure of Brilliant Gin with a glug of sugar syrup and a dash of lime juice, mix with soda and serve over ice with rounds of lime.



  • AVVA Gin & Tonic

    AVVA Scottish Gin makes a fantastic Gin & Tonic, pour a generous serve of AVVA Gin over ice, top up with Walter Gregor Premium Tonic, a couple of Juniper berries and a slice of lime. 

    The slice of lime is the traditional serve which will compliment the other citrus elements as well as bring out the woody tones of the Angelica Root.



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