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  • G&T…with a little extra Tea?

    Most Gin lovers are aware that the production of Gin involves the use of botanicals, that being related to the use of derivatives of plants.

    To produce Gin a variety or cocktail of botanicals specific to that gin are steeped, infused, distilled or soaked in or with the alcoholic base spirit to impart their flavours.

    Now the British love Gin, and by heck we also love tea! So a combination of these is sure to be a winner!

    There are a growing number of fantastic gins available produced using tea as one of their botanicals, and the results are outstanding!  



    The Teasmith Gin is distilled twice with hand picked tea and other botanicals such as coriander seed and orange peel to produce it’s characteristic taste. The Teasmith Team are proud to note that the ‘Father of Ceylon Tea’ James Taylor was a fellow Scotsman who planted the very first tea plantation in Sri Lanka. 



    Drumshanbo Gunpowder Tea Gin from The Shed Distillery in Ireland is distilled with Gunpowder Tea from China and a wealth of oriental botanicals such as cardamom and star anise. Slowly distilled by hand in medieval copper stills with the addition of vapour infused botanicals.



    Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin proudly distilled in Yorkshire as one of the newer expressions of their stalwart Masons Gin. Using Harrogate water and their copper stills ‘Steve’ and ‘Leftie” this Tea based gin wins through with use of Yorkshire Tea and fennel. Enjoyed with citrus and cardamom pods for a special G&Tea!


    FEW Breakfast Gin is produced with botanicals such as bergamot, juniper and Earl Grey Tea.  Promoted as a great first drink of the day FEW Breakfast Gin is a smooth companion to pancakes first thing, perhaps not on a work day though as once you’re tried one….

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