• Time for a Sundowner with Salcombe Gin?

    Who would’ve thought in 1995 when they were sailing instructors at Salcombe’s Island Cruising Club (ICC) and begun a sundowner G&T ritual that 20 years later Angus and Howard would commence work on their own distillery ‘The Boathouse’ born out of their shared love of gin and the stunning coastal town of Salcombe.

    2016 saw the launch of Salcombe Start Point Gin. Taking inspiration from the journeys of the ‘Salcome Fruiters’ of the early/mid 1800’s which raced home from Europe with cargoes of highly perishable fruit. The ‘Start Point’ name is in recognition of the iconic Start Point Lighthouse in Salcombe that marked the beginning of these journies.

    Salcombe Gin is exceptionally smooth and elegant  with layers of complexity of juniper, coriander, cubeb and fresh citrus combined with subtle floral notes from camomile flowers.

    We love the idea of a sundowner ritual, so decided to participate ourselves with a good measure of Salcome Gin (5cl) served with a premium Indian Tonic, a slice of Pink Grapefruit and a few juniper berries..... delicious!
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