• Tinkture Gin - roses are amber - or are they pink?

    We’ve been eager to stock Tinkture Gin for a long time seeing it as a must have addition to our ever growing Cornish Gin Collection.  So when creator Hannah agreed to pop by and see us, we were delighted and a little curious....

    The bottle itself is interesting. Hannah really wanted to push what is possible with packaging... wanting “to make a difference - even if it's just little bits at a time”....so changed the approach to the bottles.  They are beautiful and unique and reusable, designed to be “kept and cherished”.... not just look pretty on the shelf or online to lure you into a quick buy, only to be cast out once the brief fling is over.  The refill pouches are a fantastic idea.  
    Our first observation was the beautiful golden amber colour of the Gin which changes to a delightful pink when mixed with tonic. Our next observation was the cleanness of the Gin which is attributable to all the ingredients being organic - from the fresh (not dried) David Austin rose petals lovingly grown by Jan in the south West of England right down to the base spirit.  All the botanicals are sourced from the most reputable and discerning organic suppliers, ensuring full traceability and provenance.  All the ingredients are entirely natural, 100% organic and are fully certified by the ‘Organic Food Federation’.
    Not being lovers of strong floral flavours, we were fearful that the taste would be overwhelmingly flowery. We need not have worried as Tinkture Gin is light and delicate with a hint of citrus whilst the juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth.  This is a classic London Dry Gin with as Hannah says “one key purpose - to let the roses sing.”  Hannah’s aim when distilling this Gin was to “create a sensuous walk through a garden in bloom - not a brutal, floral punch to the senses.”  Did she succeed? We think so!
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