Lime Green Miniature Craft Gins Box

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Lime Green Miniature Craft Gins Box
  • £31.95

Designed to accompany The Juniper Club Craft Gin Scratch Poster these series of Miniature Gin Boxes each feature 5 Craft Gins that star on the Scratch Poster.

A great way to get started on tasting the 42 Craft Gins featured on the poster and a lovely gift to accompany the poster. 

The Lime Green Miniature Gins Gift Box features 5 Craft Gins; Caspyn Cornish Gin 5cl, Fatty's Organic Gin 5cl, Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin 5cl, Misty Isle Gin 5cl and Poetic Licence Northern Dry Gin 5cl. 

Perfect as a Gift box on it's own, send direct with a message for the perfect gin gift!

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